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Helping design students change the world - one web page at a time.

Bring your own computer.

The Digital Design Factory Education and Training Department is a new graphic design facility which is a breakaway from all the others. We specialise in developing professionals, students, and young adults in the areas of graphic arts and design where we focus on project-based learning. It's not about software or technology. It's about design and HOW to design and the process of developing strategic ways of thinking and ways to use creativity as a tool. It's about design thinking

The project was conceived by Andrew Scott and with the aide from Xandro Lombardi, the Digital Design Factory has been emerging from simple notes on paper into a school of design with projects designed to educate students one-on-one, project by project, subject by subject

The Digital Design Factory Education & Training are:

Andrew Scott

Creative Director / Graphic Designer / Lecturer in Multi Media.

Andrew has a Masters Degree from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Xandro Lombardi

Art Director / Graphic Designer / Lecturer in Visual Communications.

Xandro is currently enrolled in his Masters Degree at RMIT Melbourne.

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