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There was a time...

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Oh yeah, there was a time when I wanted to know it all. How times change. Axl had it all figured out back in 2008... I hear that he wrote this song way-back-when he went through hell with Stephanie Seymour... ...ahhhhhhh how love changes everything, or more to the point - how a broken heart changes everything. The emotions and the feelings and the way we humans find it hard to control how we feel and we react to things.

This same scenario has been the focus of my studies over the past 6 months at Western Sydney University with my work and learning how to be a high-school teacher - finding new things about the human brain and the psyche of young people - the teenagers and adolescents who experience so much change through puberty and the challenge of growing up. I wish that I could have known all of this back in time when I was young... ...and more recently with my own children... ...all the things that I know now... I am sure I am not ever going to stop learning.

It's not so much the knowledge that I have gained recently in this area but having now the understanding that, even though we are all individually different and we are all uniquely shaped and painted with a different brush, we are all basically the same in one way or another.

Human nature has categorised people in certain communities to have similar traits and common demeanours to one another. People have created particular cultures based on their familiar surroundings and the environments we live in. We as individuals are a reflection of the ones around us and what we know, what we learn and what we experience in the communities that we live in.

We the people are who we are because of the upbringing and the humans who raise us. Vygotsky had it all figured out too. If he was around today, he'd be playing guitar and singing in a rock band just like Axl I am sure of it.

More to come on this when I have more time...

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