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  My philosophy

Education is front and centre for me, and my focus is the students; how they learn, why they want to learn, and what motivates them to keep on learning and gaining knowledge. I believe in creating a stimulating environment for them, not only for educating, but also where they can grow emotionally, mentally and socially. It is my desire to create the space where they can meet their full potential. 

  ...on teaching

We are not teachers but facilitators of education as we support students to learn. We provide individuals the skills to actively use their brains, and to gain an ability to discover finding answers and solutions to challenges they may face, whether at school, at home, in the community and life. We equip students with the tools that enables better decision making in how they learn and how they grow as individuals.

  ...on learning

Someone once said that we use only 10% of our brain, suggesting that we have 90% of the brain to work with. This provides educators the scope and inspiration in knowing that our students can develop and grow. Much of our learning comes from thinking differently and finding new ways of doing things and better approaches to problem solving and solutions to complex issues that we encounter. portfolio

The arrows below will take you to my learning portfolio of work I have produced as a student at Western Sydney University as well as a VET teacher at Martin College – Diploma of Graphic Design course; Sydney English and Learning Centre – Diploma of Leadership & Management; TAFE - Sydney Institute of Technology, – Diploma of Marketing & Communications as well as Business and Administrative Studies.



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